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Find Your Competitive Potential with WildStyle Gym!

Find Your Competitive Potential with WildStyle Gym!


Recent years have seen MMA striking and training sessions with a massive rise in popularity, especially in the fitness circuit. And while we at WildStyle Gym near Bothell encourage fitness in every capacity, we also encourage a fighting spirit. When you want more from mixed martial arts, we can help you train and prepare for competitions, so you can reach your true potential and find your own techniques to secure a win against opponents.

Being competitive isn’t about proving to others that you’re fantastic. It’s about proving what you can do to yourself, and we at WildStyle Gym can help you crush your goals and then set new ones. You could be anywhere on the fitness spectrum – newbie to an advanced mixed martial artist and kickboxer – and we still offer the right prep work and training to strengthen your skills and improve your techniques for upcoming fights.

Come See Us to Develop Your Striking Skills!

MMA involves a combination of techniques across various fight styles, all of which can be used in a structured environment to take victory over your opponent. Training sessions at WildStyle Gym will teach you various striking techniques, and we allow you to combine and practice those skills and truly make them your own. You’ll be under the guidance of experienced trainers, gaining the knowledge and expertise necessary to dominate at your next (or first) MMA competition!

Practice in a Safe, Supportive Environment!

Too many people will avoid becoming stronger and learning new skills because they dread the cliché gym environment. At WildStyle Gym, we’ve created a positive, supportive, and safe atmosphere where everyone is encouraging and welcoming to everyone else. We don’t tolerate bullies, and you shouldn’t either.

You can learn more about MMA striking and training sessions at WildStyle Gym near Bothell by calling us at (360) 322-1533. Ask about a one-time free session to gauge if our gym is the right fit for you!