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“With An Enthusiastic Team You Can Achieve Anything”


I began training martial arts while I was in high school. I began coaching 20 years ago to help pay for my training and competition dues. Eventually, after retiring from competition, I decided to start coaching martial arts full time. In 2019, I opened my first martial arts gym. In 2022, after we go the gym up and running, we started WildStyle Promotions.

When we started All-City Fight Night my first goal was to provide our athletes with the best experience possible. I want to create an environment where our athletes are provided with good matches based on their skill level that will help them build their careers from amateur to professional.

I also want to provide an excellent experience for our fans. One in which the whole show is as entertaining the fights themselves. Where the environment is entertaining and engaging, keep our fans happy. Where our fans want to continue to come back and because they know they will always have a great time.


Sara’s fitness journey began in middle school when she enrolled in a life changing weight lifting class. From this class, she was able to overcome the adolescent body insecurities that are common among many young women. Along with her improved self-esteem, Sara also developed an interest in taking on new physical challenges. This is what led her to martial arts.

Sara’s first martial arts training took place in a family martial arts studio which specialized in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. Here, she immediately fell in love with the supportive environment and how empowering it was to learn how to defend herself. Because of this great experience, she has continued to train throughout adulthood. She has trained a number of different martial arts including boxing, Karate, kickboxing and wrestling.

Sara’s passion for fitness and martial arts led to her decision to become a trainer. As a trainer, she has travelled and taught all over the country, learned from industry leaders in both fitness and martial arts, and earned a number of specialized certifications.

Throughout the years, Sara has had the pleasure of bringing fitness and martial arts to thousands of people. She has also inspired a number of her peers to become trainers as well. Sara finds the most joy when she empowers others to live healthier and happier lives through fitness and martial arts training.



WildStyle Promotions


We are WildStyle Promotions, a martial arts event promotions company with a mission to organize and execute one of a kind, hard hitting, crowd pleasing, memorable events. WildStyle Promotions was born from a love of martial arts and a desire to give enthusiasts and fighters the type of event the sport deserves. All-City Fight Nights are 21+ epic events held at an equally epic venue, Apex Art and Culture Center, located in downtown Everett, that doubles as an art gallery with one of the world’s largest collection of graffiti art. Not to mention, the 1910 building is a work of art in of itself, newly refinished while keeping the old-world charm. We also include local performance artists for intermission shows.

Our events are sanctioned by the WKA, World Kickboxing Association, the oldest kickboxing association in the world. Fighters, local from across the globe, are brought together to show off their skills built with hard work and dedication. We give our fighters the best, ensuring they have an amazing experience. Our spectators have several choices of seating options, general admission (standing), floor seating, ringside seating, stage VIP seating and balcony VIP seating. Food and drinks are also offered for purchase, VIP including table service. Our venue holds 500 spectators comfortably. Our demographic is not only martial arts and boxing enthusiasts but appeals to any sports fan that looks for an intense, high energy, live sporting event.


Maggie “Mama Mags” Smelser


Her journey with WildStyle began in October of 2020 after years of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. After 5 months of training as a member, Head Coach Jason Morris approached her about becoming a coach. In that moment he saw something in her she didn’t yet see in herself. In May she came on full time as their Assistant Manager gaining the nickname “The Swiss Army Knife” of WildStyle. Whether she is greeting members at the door, scheduling appointments, training, or coaching a sessions she is Always Ready! She is learning more every single day about the joy and changes fitness brings to the community around her, all while remaining teachable. Her hope is to stay healthy and watch WildStyle continue to grow for years to come. In her free time, she enjoys writing and playing music with her band, and watching anything Star Wars related.


Coach Joey


My first session at Wildstyle Gym happened on March 7th, 2019, one month before the gym’s official grand opening. On that day, Head Coach Jason Morris coached me through a Freestyle Kickboxing Session while holding Muay Thai Pads as targets for me. Since then, I have immersed and committed myself to learning the art of striking. Within one year of being at Wildstyle Gym I decided to follow through on my thoughts of becoming a certified Fitness Coach/Trainer because Coach Sara and Jason Morris re-lit and re-inspired my interest in a professional fitness career. On the other hand, personally, I have been able to advance my skills as a martial artist with consistent, sometimes rigorous, but always worth it training. Within two years, I was ready for another first, a Muay Thai Kick Boxing Smoker. Ask me about it! From start to finish it was an incredible/impactful experience. I also dove head-first (*no pun intended) into Wildstyle’s No-Gi Grappling program, designed by Head Coach Jason which prepared me for another new experience. Competing at a No-Gi Jiu-jitsu competition.

I am lucky to have been introduced to Wildstyle Gym as it was being built from the ground up, I feel as if I have grown with it. Learning martial arts at Wildstyle Gym was just what I needed on March 7th, 2019, and I still find value in what we do every single day. We have a couple sayings here at the gym… “Always Ready”, “Still Here” and “Let’s Go”. So, you in?


Brandon Tiehen


My martial arts journey began around age 10, when my dad started teaching my brother and me to box and wrestle. In later years I got into more acrobatic activities such as parkour and choreographed performances. In February of 2021, I started learning Chinese martial arts, and then found WildStyle about 8 months later. Since joining that October, I’ve met countless amazing people, learned more than I ever thought I could, accomplished personal and professional goals, and much more. And it’s all thanks to the wonderful community I’m blessed to be a part of here at WildStyle. Come out and play! —Your Friend “Wacky Chan”.


Chelsea Elliott – Front Desk