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We Build Champions at WildStyle Gym!

We Build Champions at WildStyle Gym!

We Build Champions at WildStyle Gym!

We at WildStyle Gym want to cultivate an entire culture of excellence, empowerment, and dedication! Our mission is to build champions inside and outside the fighting cage, and we believe that strength, discipline, and technique through MMA can be learned from an early age. Our MMA training sessions for youth near Lynnwood provide an energetic outlet for kids of all ages, shapes, sizes, and skill levels. We go beyond conventional fitness, delving into what it takes for kids to view themselves as true champions from the inside out.

Confidence isn’t something that anyone is born with. It’s learned through mental strength and personal growth, which is what we at WildStyle Gym strive to offer for kids in our MMA and kickboxing training sessions. We provide a safe, secure environment where youth and teens can discover their emotional, psychological, and physical strengths by improving discipline, agility, and a champion fighter’s mindset.

We Use Positivity to Foster the Next Generation of MMA Greats!

We at WildStyle Gym don’t believe in negative motivation. We don’t scream, belittle, or insult anyone to motivate them to do better. We offer a positive, secure environment where kids (and adults) will feel safe, inspired, and supported. We are all about encouragement and acceptance and have a zero-tolerance policy for bullies. We understand that a child’s confidence is a work in progress, which means support and motivational positivity are far better than negativity and harshness.

At WildStyle Gym, our experienced trainers teach failure as a regular part of success because it is. Success is never allowing those failures to stop you from striving for your goals. It’s a message that allows kids to learn how to fail with grace while respecting their opponents and bolstering their inner motivation to try harder next time.

Interested in learning more about MMA training sessions for youth near Lynnwood? Call WildStyle Gym at (360) 322-1533!