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What is Functional Mobility, and Why is Training Important?

What is Functional Mobility, and Why is Training Important?

What is Functional Mobility, and Why is Training Important?

By definition, functional mobility is a person’s ability to complete everyday physical tasks independently and in a timely manner. The greater someone’s functional mobility, the more they can do. As you age, your functional mobility wanes, which is why functional mobility training sessions are paramount to long-term health and wellness. At WildStyle Gym in Snohomish County, our professional trainers are well-versed in functional mobility training that coincides with strength and fitness. A stronger body makes for an even stronger mind, and we strive to encourage our clients to accomplish long-term fitness goals, regardless of age and current fitness levels.

Can you touch your toes? Can you stretch your arms over your head? Can you bend your spine in either direction to reach and grab whatever you need from shelves and cabinets? These are small mobility functions that able-bodied people typically take for granted. Unfortunately, not everyone can answer yes to those questions, so simple functions are ones we take measures to address during training sessions.

Let Us Know What Your Fitness and Mobility Goals Are

We have a base for our training sessions, but every client is different in what they want and their fitness goals. We can better cater to your specific needs if you communicate your goals to us from the get-go.

Let us know your current issues with mobility. Do you wake up with your muscles stiff and sore? Does it take a while for your body to warm up enough to perform basic tasks? We can help you achieve a level of functional mobility that improves your life. Stretches and strength training are your best friends throughout our sessions.

To learn more about the importance of functional mobility training sessions, contact WildStyle Gym in Snohomish County. Schedule an appointment for a consultation and one free training session at (360) 322-1533.