Best of Snohomish

Randy Politte

“Wanted to let you and the Wild Style team know how amazing my experience has been. From the kind hellos walking in the door to the constant encouragement from everyone has made coming to the gym a different experience than I have ever had in the past.

I am working hard and really succeeding at making changes to my everyday activities and you and the team have so much to do with that. I have lost 20 pounds to date and do not have any plans on stopping. Finally I wanted to tip my cap to the coaching staff. Each workout is hard and pushes me to my limits. Each time I feel like I cannot go on I am pushed to work harder and get through it. I cannot say enough good things. You all have made getting in shape easy and fun!

Thank you all so much for what you are doing and keep up the great work!”



What is the standard that a gym is measured by? Is it the square footage of the facility, the amount of equipment inside that facility, is it the coaching staff, or something entirely different?
Most of the conditioning the equipment offers, you can reproduce at home with items you already own. With that being true, you can get the same results from wandering around inside a multi-thousand sq. ft. facility with no idea what to do, as you probably have gotten from wandering around your own garage. For that reason, I think a gym needs to offer more then sq. footage and equipment. I wandered my multi thousand sq. foot facility sweating and lifting and running, with some results. But never anywhere close to what I had envisioned my goals to be. I also planned and prepared an at home routine, that never seemed to fall into a routine. That being said, I had an idea of what made a gym. When I walked in to sign up, I wasn’t signing up for me. I was there as a father/son team, to get him going. That was probably 2 years ago. And that idea I had, of what made a gym, was not what I found. What makes this gym starts at the top. Jason Morris and Sara Palazzolo-Morris, they would run the gym alone, before they allowed the wrong person on their staff. But lucky for them, they also seem to have a gift for finding really solid, good people. All the coaching staff there seem to bleed this crazy positive energy. There is really no way to state how much of themselves the coaches give into that gym. And that seems to emulate to everyone else inside. You can see it when you look around. You are in this strange place, surrounded by people you might barely know, but there’s a trust. Individually on your own path, with your own goals, but in it together. Everyone around you, not just the coaches, really truly want to see you succeed at your goals. And also appreciate the help you can lend to theirs. You’re a team. It’s an atmosphere that should exist in so many other places in life. I don’t call out a lot of businesses or products. But I believe in this gym. I can tell you how far I’ve come. I can also say that I’m way closer then I’ve made it anywhere else. But I can also say that the thing I was looking for wasn’t what I was looking for.


I joined Wildstyle March of 2020. I was finally fed up with having no energy and not being healthy. Since joining in gym I have not only lost weight, but more importantly learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. WildStyle isn’t just a gym to me it is a family.

Sarah W

Wildstyle has forever changed my life. I’ve lost 115 pounds and found a love for health and fitness. As soon as I walked into Wildstyle Gym I felt accepted right where I was. I felt welcomed and not judged. Ever since that day and that first bootcamp, my life has changed for the better. I lost weight, gained muscle and confidence. This place is a place where empowerment happens. We’re a team and we get through it together. No matter where anyone is at with their fitness goals, there is a community here that builds you up instead of tearing you down. We accomplish goals together. There is no place like Wildstlye. Words can’t express the love I have for this gym and the community here. My life will never be the same as I live a happier healthier one.


“This is a special place. I have been training and working out with these people at Wildstyle gym for 9 months and my life has changed directly because of what we do there. Just check it out. You’ll get to learn martial art skills and more. Also great for just getting a challenging workout in.”


“Energy, Tempo, Focus, and it’s really a ton of fun. Sara and Jason are like caffeine personified. They’re so much positive energy you might think their last name was Proton. The classes are well timed, the family of fellow students are great and accepting, and the price is criminally cheap for the level of service. I love it.”


“I like it here. The instructors are humble, kind, and motivating. The people around so far have been very pleasant and instructors keep tabs on attendance in a way that isn’t demoralizing but in a way that really seems caring and respectful.”