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Need a Great Workout? Check Out This Freestyle Kickboxing Gym Near Marysville!

Need a Great Workout? Check Out This Freestyle Kickboxing Gym Near Marysville!

What are self-love and self-care? At WildStyle Gym, a freestyle kickboxing gym near Marysville, we believe that self-care spawns self-love, and self-love comes from self-acceptance, which comes from setting personal mentally, emotionally, and physically – then smashing those goals. We are fitness-focused, and many of our goals start with a great workout and end with a rush of endorphins. We become stronger and more self-aware, allowing us to train our clients better to do the same. Self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance go hand-in-hand, and we at WildStyle Gym can help you accomplish varying degrees of contentment through mind and body fitness.

How is Fitness for Both Mind and Body?

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that give you an extra pep in your step and boost your mood. Therefore, you tend to feel good mentally and emotionally when your body feels strong and healthy.

Kickboxing at WildStyle Gym goes the extra mile with the mind and body connection because kickboxing relieves stress. Some training sessions involve hitting and kicking a bag or the air, while others involve grappling with an opponent. All of which take discipline, strength, and focus. Kickboxing uses up any energy that you might’ve later used for negativity.

That’s not to say that our training professionals will make you angry to see your progress. We lead with encouragement and support, but we will tell you to dig deep to find focus. And sometimes, that focus comes from negative feelings that you want to get out and take out productively. Fitness can serve a bigger purpose than simply getting your body into shape.

Are you interested in knowing all about our freestyle kickboxing gym near Marysville? You can learn more about fitness and how we encourage self-care and self-acceptance at WildStyle Gym by calling (360) 322-1533.