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Conditioning and Boot Camp Training Could Help You Shed Excess Pounds

Conditioning and Boot Camp Training Could Help You Shed Excess Pounds

In the last couple of years, it’s been easiest to lay low and snack all day. We’ve all probably packed on a few extra pounds, but with the world returning to normal, there’s no better time to kick your fat loss and fitness into high gear. But how? WildStyle Gym near Bothell offers MMA conditioning and boot camp training sessions, where you will learn discipline, feed off of determination, and have a lot of fun saying goodbye to those excess pounds.

Good food and great exercise are surefire ways to lose fat and gain muscle, which is exactly what you want for a healthier, happier physique. But fitness isn’t all about how you look. It’s more about how you feel. We at WildStyle Gym want you to feel accomplished when you leave our training sessions. We want you to feel stronger, fitter, and more ambitious than you were when you arrived.

Our trainers specialize in all forms of MMA, yoga, and other skills with a fitness focus. We combine a wide range of techniques and encourage you to do the same to develop a routine that works best for your body and mind. The term boot camp sounds intimidating in some cases, but WildStyle Gym uses this term to mean challenging and organized. We don’t yell at you. We don’t belittle you. We don’t insult you. We DO encourage, support, and push you to reach your goals because we believe in you as much as you should believe in yourself.

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Looking to try out MMA and boot camp training sessions before you commit? We offer one free training session that allows you to become accustomed to what WildStyle Gym is all about. Ready to shed the pounds and get in better shape? Call us at (360) 322-1533.