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Come Down to Wild Style Gym to Try Out a Freestyle Kickboxing Class!

Come Down to Wild Style Gym to Try Out a Freestyle Kickboxing Class!

Come Down to Wild Style Gym to Try Out a Freestyle Kickboxing Class!

Wild Style Gym has become an epicenter of fun and good health for anyone looking to accomplish their fitness goals. We are a freestyle kickboxing training gym near Bothell, specializing in fitness fun for all ages. Our trainers are skilled in helping various fitness levels reach their full potential, and you can move along at your own pace to establish comfort and confidence.

Why Choose Freestyle Kickboxing?

Freestyle kickboxing is all about helping you learn what your body can do. We at Wild Style Gym want you to feel tuned into your movements and strengths while working hard to improve your weaknesses.

Don’t worry – everyone has their own set of improvements to make regarding their fitness. At Wild Style Gym, our friendly, reliable trainers are capable of helping you map out a fitness routine that fits your schedule. Not only is freestyle kickboxing a great way to strengthen your muscles, but it can also relax your mind and soothe your nerves. It’s stress relief in movement. Come in after a long week of stress and leave happily exhausted with an endorphin rush that puts you on the moon.

Will Freestyle Kickboxing Help to Improve Your Speed and Reflexes?

You’ve heard the old sayings, “reflexes like a cat.” While freestyle kickboxing won’t transform you into a cheetah, it will help you gain better speed and accuracy. Your reflexes will become better, too, because you’ll become more aware of your surroundings, using learned attentiveness to better gauge different situations.

Freestyle kickboxing is better for people that prefer a points system. You have an objective, and you strive to achieve that goal – simple and effective.

Learn more about Wild Style Gym, our freestyle kickboxing training gym near Bothell. Contact us at (360) 322-1533 to schedule a class that fits your everyday routine.