We Specialize in Conditioning Services for Fitness and Health!

Granite Falls is well-known as a city that thrives with fitness focus and health. We at WildStyle Gym love knowing that we contribute to that outlook. For us, health comes in all shapes and sizes, and we encourage everyone to get into a fit and active mindset regardless of where they would fall on the fitness scale. You could be a complete beginner, never exercising a day in your life, or a hardcore gym-goer, and we would treat you with the same friendliness, support, and respect. Looking to better yourself this year? We offer conditioning services for fitness and health to help everyone reach and smash their fitness goals.

Understandably, after making the resolution to get into better shape, you may be feeling the motivation of the new year wearing off. Let our team at WildStyle Gym reinspire you! We want to motivate you to do better, be healthier, and absolutely crush your fitness goals.

When you work out regularly, your body becomes used to the motions over time, so you need to switch it up to challenge and further strengthen your muscles. At WildStyle Gym, we keep our conditioning and training sessions fun and unique every time, so you get a full-body workout that strengthens and conditions you from the inside out.

Is Conditioning Important in Fitness?

In fitness, conditioning means improving the health, strength, and vitality of your vital internal organs, muscles, and skin. Of course, your mind will follow because exercise releases endorphins to put you in a feel-good mindset. Conditioning in fitness is essential because it ensures good health of your heart and lungs as much as your biceps, quads, and core.

Interested in knowing more about our conditioning services for fitness and health in Granite Falls? Call WildStyle Gym at (360) 322-1533 for the answers to any questions that you may have about our services and training sessions!

Where to Find the Best Bootcamp and Conditioning Services to Conquer Your Fitness Goals

Being fit and healthy can mean different things to different people because everyone has a different body and needs. Being healthy and active has less to do with size and more with how you treat your body. At WildStyle Gym near Bothell, we appreciate everyone’s fitness journey and offer fitness bootcamp and conditioning services for those that want to further their fitness goals and strengthen their muscles and minds.

When we say bootcamp, we mean intensity. We mean circuits of passion-fueled fitness regimens designed to train your muscles and get your heart pumping harder for longer. We don’t mean screams or insults because that’s negative reinforcement, and we don’t believe in that. If we yell, it’s out of excitement and encouragement because you’re doing a great job! We want to inspire you positively! We want to motivate you with our belief that you can push yourself to be a fitter, healthier, happier you!

What Does Conditioning Do for Your Body?

You improve your overall fitness from head to toe when you condition your body. At WildStyle Gym, we can lead you through training sessions that strengthen every muscle, especially your lungs and heart. The strength and capabilities of your vital organs are as much, if not more, important than the strength and capabilities of your arms, legs, core, and back muscles. With our bootcamp services, we can help you condition all of that and then some. You’ll be fitter, stronger, and healthier after each session.

Novice to fitness? No problem! Everyone has to start somewhere, and we at WildStyle Gym encourage you to learn and work out at your own pace. Take a sip of water when you need it. Rest when you need to, but don’t throw in the towel altogether. The most significant power move in fitness is showing up. Learn more about our fitness bootcamp and conditioning services near Bothell by calling us at (360) 322-1533.

How MMA Conditions Your Body and Strengthens Your Resolve!

How MMA Conditions Your Body and Strengthens Your Resolve!

Most people have the Monday mentality. It’s where you say that you will start something new that implements change and improve your life… but you’ll start next Monday because that’s the beginning of a new week. And you can’t possibly begin something fitness-focused in the middle of the week – right? At WildStyle Gym, we are fitness-focused all the time, and we encourage you to set your fitness goals and work towards crushing them as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait until Monday to implement healthier habits. And whatever day you start, our trainers have you covered with MMA conditioning and training sessions near Bothell.

Nothing is as satisfying as setting a goal and exceeding your expectations when you crush that goal. That’s the feeling that we strive to help you achieve at WildStyle Gym. Our MMA training sessions are designed to help condition your body and strengthen your muscles and resolve. We want you to finish a workout and be as motivated as ever, maybe even more so, because you can feel the positive effects of that workout on your mind and body.

Your Health is Important Every Day, All Day

Those with Monday mentalities will often have a “goodbye meal” or a string of “lazy days” to help them get into a motivated headspace for the workouts to come. Unfortunately, many good intentions fall to the wayside when Monday finally rolls around. Listen… your health matters all day, every day. It doesn’t take a backseat in the middle of the week. And it doesn’t become more important at the start of a brand-new week. When you want to improve your fitness and health, the time to do so is right now.

Ready to take the plunge into a healthier lifestyle today? Call WildStyle Gym at (360) 322-1533 to learn more about MMA conditioning and training sessions near Bothell.

Where Can You Find Help with the New Year’s Weight Loss and Fitness Goals?

Where Can You Find Help with the New Year’s Weight Loss and Fitness Goals?

Billions of people worldwide strive to commit to healthier lifestyles as their New Years’ resolutions every year. Most make it to mid-February before their endeavors fall flat because they didn’t have the plan to keep them motivated beyond the two-month mark. We at WildStyle Gym know the struggle of setting fitness goals and sticking with them, which is why we offer MMA bootcamp and weight loss training sessions near Mill Creek. The trick to sticking with your fitness plans is to find something that you love to do. For many, mixed martial arts and freestyle kickboxing sessions hit the mark of fun, enjoyable, fitness-focused, and safe.

Strength and discipline go into our bootcamp and weight loss training sessions. You will learn basic fighting techniques and stances and how to utilize specific muscle groups to get the most out of your workouts. And don’t let the name fool you. We say bootcamp because the workouts are intense, but we don’t get in your face and yell or belittle our clients. We lead with encouragement and inspiration. You feel supported at WildStyle Gym.

Stick With It! Stick With Us!

Mixed martial arts isn’t something that you learn overnight. It takes time to develop the strength and muscle memory to execute smooth moves and define your own MMA techniques. Like anything you dedicate your time to, the more you stick with it, the better you hone your skills. Our trainers are happy to help you crush your fitness goals well into the New Year.

“New Year, new you” is a saying that’s been around for decades, but you don’t have to reinvent yourself totally. You are amazing as-is, but there’s always room for improvement and commitment when it comes to your fitness and health. For more information about MMA bootcamp and weight loss training sessions near Mill Creek, call WildStyle Gym at (360) 322-1533.

Sign Up Your Youngster for Kids MMA Training Sessions Near Bothell!

Sign Up Your Youngster for Kids MMA Training Sessions Near Bothell!Did you know that teaching kids about their health and fitness is essential from a young age? That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have junk food and laze around some days, but it means that balance is imperative to living a healthy, active life. This is something kids can pick up on easier when they are given a great example and an outlet for their energy. Kids MMA training sessions at WildStyle Gym near Bothell, for instance, is an excellent example of fun and fitness, where kids can learn what regular exercise does for their minds and bodies.

Kids are naturally energetic, and it’s up to us as parents and leaders to teach them how to get their energy out in healthy ways safely. MMA uses kickboxing techniques to strengthen muscles and improve moods through movement. Kids benefit from the boosts of serotonin and endorphins as much as adults. Their mind follows when they feel good in their body, and vice versa.

Kids Can Be Stressed from Everyday Life Too!

Many adults believe kids don’t have anything to be upset about or stressed about. Kids are still learning how to process emotions, so they can be just as stressed and frazzled as adults. Intentional fitness, like MMA training sessions that are geared toward kids, can help relieve that stress and give them coping skills to deal with stressful situations later in life.

MMA can be an outlet for both energy and negative emotions. They can punch, kick, and grapple their worries away while getting a significant boost of feel-good vibes afterward. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your kids excited about fitness and healthy living?

For more info about kid’s MMA training sessions near Bothell, reach out at (306) 322-1533. We would be happy to offer you a free training session so your kiddo can get a feel of our idea of fitness and fun!

How Can WildStyle Gym’s Boot Camp Help Improve Your Fitness?

How Can WildStyle Gym’s Boot Camp Help Improve Your Fitness?

At WildStyle Gym, we offer boot camp fitness for all ages and levels of fitness, and we use positive reinforcement and an energetic atmosphere to motivate and inspire you.

The concept of boot camp is a good one since it’s meant to improve your fitness through pushing your muscles and physicality to the limits. At WildStyle Gym, we pair the concept of boot camp fitness with encouragement and positivity, making it a healthy environment where you can thrive and strive to reach your fitness goals. And when you crush those goals? We are there to cheer you on and help you set new goals that you’ll undoubtedly crush again and again.

What Does a Fitness Boot Camp Include?

WildStyle Gym provides the necessary equipment to complete a boot camp of exercises. That said, we love using bodyweight exercises to help you strengthen your muscles and build stamina and endurance. We want to teach you how to persevere and launch yourself towards your fitness goals – in a safe, healthy environment, of course.

Our boot camp sessions include a wide range of exercises that can be modified for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. If you need a break for water, take one. If you need to rest for a few minutes, do it. But otherwise, all we ask is that you make an effort to do your best.

You can learn more about WildStyle Gym’s boot camp fitness sessions near Everett by calling (360) 322-1533. If you’re new to our gym, be sure to ask about a free training session to see if you’d be a good fit for our fitness routines.

Find the Perfect MMA Training Gym Near Duvall to Reach Your Full Fitness Potential!

Find the Perfect MMA Training Gym Near Duvall to Reach Your Full Fitness Potential!

People often refer to fitness as a long-term undertaking or a journey. It’s a process. In terms of fitness, going from what you are to what you want to requires dedication and commitment that could last years or even a lifetime. It’s all in the name of good health because you want to look your best, but you want to feel your best too. You have fitness goals, so how do you reach them? At WildStyle Gym, an MMA training gym near Duvall, we teach you how to achieve your fitness potential with discipline, encouragement, and positivity. We teach you how to set specific fitness goals, then crush those goals, celebrate, and set a few more. We are 100 percent here for your wins and losses, so we encourage you to join us. Allow us to be part of your fitness journey.

One thing to note about fitness journeys is that everyone is different. There are some places where one person’s fitness goals will overlap with another person’s, but there are other motivations and inspirations. Where one person may want to delve into good health for a longer life, others may want to see their quads pop without overdoing a fitness routine. There’s no wrong reason to delve into fitness in a positive, healthy way because, at the end of the day, everyone wants to look good, feel good, and live as long as they can with good health to show for it.

Can MMA Reshape Your Body?

WildStyle Gym, an MMA training gym in Duvall, makes it clear that MMA as a fitness routine can reshape your body, but it can also reshape your mind and how you view fitness as a whole. Our gym is all about encouragement and positive vibes, so call (360) 322-1533 to learn more about how we can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Where to Venture for Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions Near Marysville

Where to Venture for Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions Near Marysville

Freeform fitness is one of our favorite forms of good health here at WildStyle Gym near Marysville. Freeform means you can do whatever feels good for your body, as long as you remain active and put in effort. Keeping your body moving and your heart pumping is imperative to good health, so we offer freestyle kickboxing sessions to those that would prefer to move at their own pace. Punching bags, sparring partners, and air fights with imaginary opponents are all fair game, as long as you keep your heart rate up and your muscles moving to strengthen your core, resolve, and overall love of fitness.

Freestyle means that you punch and kick in whatever forms feel right to you. We at WildStyle Gym will teach you the basics of safe kickboxing techniques, then you can combine your own moves to develop your own style. We want you to feel that you are safe to exercise and express yourself as you see fit in the moment. Don’t feel constrained to follow a certain kickboxing method. Find your own fitness flow.

Does Kickboxing Involve Partners?

Kickboxing can sometimes involve sparring or training partners. You could have a friend or trainer hold the mitts while you make hits. Or you could opt to go at your fitness journey by yourself after a trainer teaches you the foundation of safe punches and kicks. It’s up to you. We also offer more stringent kickboxing and MMA training sessions if you’d prefer to follow along in a routine. However, freestyle is for those that want to get in their workout with a bit more freedom and focus to hone their own moves.

We at WildStyle Gym near Marysville put your comfort and safety at the top of our priorities list, so feel free to ask any questions that you may have about our freestyle kickboxing sessions, as well as other training sessions or services that we offer. You can reach us at (360) 322-1533.

Martial Arts are for Kids Too! Call WildStyle Gym for Training Sessions Near Woodinville!

Martial Arts are for Kids Too! Call WildStyle Gym for Training Sessions Near Woodinville!

Fitness is essential to everyone, and getting kids involved in their fitness journeys will set them up for a lifetime of good health. Kids and youth martial arts training sessions near Woodinville are excellent ways to help your kiddos learn about their health and the importance of fitness for the long term. At WildStyle Gym, kids will also learn how to set their own fitness goals, and they’ll have the feelings of accomplishment that come from crushing those goals. Our trainers are supportive, empathetic, and encouraging to a fault. There’s no negative reinforcement – only positivity, helping kids overcome their apprehensions through encouragement and results.

Many parents are concerned with the risk of injuries involved in martial arts. However, there’s just as much risk as having your child play outside or on a playground. At WildStyle Gym, your kiddo is in a controlled environment where they learn safety first and foremost. Bumps and bruises are par for the course eventually, but that comes with attentiveness, discipline, and increased awareness of their surroundings and the comfort of their opponents. Grappling won’t occur until after a foundation is set, and trainers never leave children alone to figure things out for themselves. It’s constant supervision and attention.

What If Your Kiddo Doesn’t Like MMA Training?

If your youngster doesn’t like martial arts training sessions, that’s okay. You don’t have to continue paying for it, and they don’t have to continue attending sessions. MMA isn’t for everyone, and we understand that. However, before you invest in a payment plan for sessions, you can sign your child up for a free training session to see if they enjoy it.

We at WildStyle Gym near Woodinville are well-versed in kids and youth martial arts training sessions. You can find out more about our regular sessions or a freebie by calling us at (360) 322-1533.

Get Your Kid Involved in Kickboxing Training Sessions for All Ages at WildStyle Gym Near Sultan!

Fitness and care for overall good health should begin at a young age when kids can learn how to keep themselves healthy and feel great with good food and regular exercise. They should understand that exercise doesn’t have to be boring or dull. It can be something that they enjoy, and WildStyle Gym is a safe, secure place where kids can learn about the importance of fitness while participating in kickboxing training sessions for all ages. Located near Sultan, our professional trainers offer support and encouragement to your kiddos on their fitness journeys because those goals can start from a young age. We want kids to experience the excitement of realizing what their bodies can do, as well as the endorphin rush of a good workout.

Kids are naturally, typically, more active than adults. They have more energy to burn in a day, and their minds and bodies operate like machines that constantly need fuel. Parents can provide healthy meals, and we at WildStyle Gym can provide an outlet for those immense stores of energy. Youngsters will learn holds, grappling techniques, and disciplined kickboxing maneuvers to help build confidence, strengthen muscles, and form fitness friendships.

How Long Does It Take for Kids to Notice a Difference in Their Fitness?

Children are different from adults because fitness routines are often easier for them to adapt to, especially when those routines are enjoyable. Kids that stick with kickboxing training sessions, can expect to see significant gains in their strength, movements, and confidence in 4 to 6 weeks. And if they stick with it, those gains will only improve, pushing them harder to set higher fitness goals for themselves.

To learn more about kickboxing training sessions for all ages, call WildStyle Gym near Sultan at (360) 322-1533. Ask about our one free training session for every newbie to our gym!