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Where to Venture for Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions Near Marysville

Where to Venture for Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions Near Marysville

Freeform fitness is one of our favorite forms of good health here at WildStyle Gym near Marysville. Freeform means you can do whatever feels good for your body, as long as you remain active and put in effort. Keeping your body moving and your heart pumping is imperative to good health, so we offer freestyle kickboxing sessions to those that would prefer to move at their own pace. Punching bags, sparring partners, and air fights with imaginary opponents are all fair game, as long as you keep your heart rate up and your muscles moving to strengthen your core, resolve, and overall love of fitness.

Freestyle means that you punch and kick in whatever forms feel right to you. We at WildStyle Gym will teach you the basics of safe kickboxing techniques, then you can combine your own moves to develop your own style. We want you to feel that you are safe to exercise and express yourself as you see fit in the moment. Don’t feel constrained to follow a certain kickboxing method. Find your own fitness flow.

Does Kickboxing Involve Partners?

Kickboxing can sometimes involve sparring or training partners. You could have a friend or trainer hold the mitts while you make hits. Or you could opt to go at your fitness journey by yourself after a trainer teaches you the foundation of safe punches and kicks. It’s up to you. We also offer more stringent kickboxing and MMA training sessions if you’d prefer to follow along in a routine. However, freestyle is for those that want to get in their workout with a bit more freedom and focus to hone their own moves.

We at WildStyle Gym near Marysville put your comfort and safety at the top of our priorities list, so feel free to ask any questions that you may have about our freestyle kickboxing sessions, as well as other training sessions or services that we offer. You can reach us at (360) 322-1533.

Martial Arts are for Kids Too! Call WildStyle Gym for Training Sessions Near Woodinville!

Martial Arts are for Kids Too! Call WildStyle Gym for Training Sessions Near Woodinville!

Fitness is essential to everyone, and getting kids involved in their fitness journeys will set them up for a lifetime of good health. Kids and youth martial arts training sessions near Woodinville are excellent ways to help your kiddos learn about their health and the importance of fitness for the long term. At WildStyle Gym, kids will also learn how to set their own fitness goals, and they’ll have the feelings of accomplishment that come from crushing those goals. Our trainers are supportive, empathetic, and encouraging to a fault. There’s no negative reinforcement – only positivity, helping kids overcome their apprehensions through encouragement and results.

Many parents are concerned with the risk of injuries involved in martial arts. However, there’s just as much risk as having your child play outside or on a playground. At WildStyle Gym, your kiddo is in a controlled environment where they learn safety first and foremost. Bumps and bruises are par for the course eventually, but that comes with attentiveness, discipline, and increased awareness of their surroundings and the comfort of their opponents. Grappling won’t occur until after a foundation is set, and trainers never leave children alone to figure things out for themselves. It’s constant supervision and attention.

What If Your Kiddo Doesn’t Like MMA Training?

If your youngster doesn’t like martial arts training sessions, that’s okay. You don’t have to continue paying for it, and they don’t have to continue attending sessions. MMA isn’t for everyone, and we understand that. However, before you invest in a payment plan for sessions, you can sign your child up for a free training session to see if they enjoy it.

We at WildStyle Gym near Woodinville are well-versed in kids and youth martial arts training sessions. You can find out more about our regular sessions or a freebie by calling us at (360) 322-1533.

Get Your Kid Involved in Kickboxing Training Sessions for All Ages at WildStyle Gym Near Sultan!

Fitness and care for overall good health should begin at a young age when kids can learn how to keep themselves healthy and feel great with good food and regular exercise. They should understand that exercise doesn’t have to be boring or dull. It can be something that they enjoy, and WildStyle Gym is a safe, secure place where kids can learn about the importance of fitness while participating in kickboxing training sessions for all ages. Located near Sultan, our professional trainers offer support and encouragement to your kiddos on their fitness journeys because those goals can start from a young age. We want kids to experience the excitement of realizing what their bodies can do, as well as the endorphin rush of a good workout.

Kids are naturally, typically, more active than adults. They have more energy to burn in a day, and their minds and bodies operate like machines that constantly need fuel. Parents can provide healthy meals, and we at WildStyle Gym can provide an outlet for those immense stores of energy. Youngsters will learn holds, grappling techniques, and disciplined kickboxing maneuvers to help build confidence, strengthen muscles, and form fitness friendships.

How Long Does It Take for Kids to Notice a Difference in Their Fitness?

Children are different from adults because fitness routines are often easier for them to adapt to, especially when those routines are enjoyable. Kids that stick with kickboxing training sessions, can expect to see significant gains in their strength, movements, and confidence in 4 to 6 weeks. And if they stick with it, those gains will only improve, pushing them harder to set higher fitness goals for themselves.

To learn more about kickboxing training sessions for all ages, call WildStyle Gym near Sultan at (360) 322-1533. Ask about our one free training session for every newbie to our gym!

Need a Great Workout? Check Out This Freestyle Kickboxing Gym Near Marysville!

What are self-love and self-care? At WildStyle Gym, a freestyle kickboxing gym near Marysville, we believe that self-care spawns self-love, and self-love comes from self-acceptance, which comes from setting personal mentally, emotionally, and physically – then smashing those goals. We are fitness-focused, and many of our goals start with a great workout and end with a rush of endorphins. We become stronger and more self-aware, allowing us to train our clients better to do the same. Self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance go hand-in-hand, and we at WildStyle Gym can help you accomplish varying degrees of contentment through mind and body fitness.

How is Fitness for Both Mind and Body?

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that give you an extra pep in your step and boost your mood. Therefore, you tend to feel good mentally and emotionally when your body feels strong and healthy.

Kickboxing at WildStyle Gym goes the extra mile with the mind and body connection because kickboxing relieves stress. Some training sessions involve hitting and kicking a bag or the air, while others involve grappling with an opponent. All of which take discipline, strength, and focus. Kickboxing uses up any energy that you might’ve later used for negativity.

That’s not to say that our training professionals will make you angry to see your progress. We lead with encouragement and support, but we will tell you to dig deep to find focus. And sometimes, that focus comes from negative feelings that you want to get out and take out productively. Fitness can serve a bigger purpose than simply getting your body into shape.

Are you interested in knowing all about our freestyle kickboxing gym near Marysville? You can learn more about fitness and how we encourage self-care and self-acceptance at WildStyle Gym by calling (360) 322-1533.

Condition Your Body and Lose Excess Weight with This Boot Camp Option Near Lake Stevens!

We get it. Excess weight can creep up on you. Being inactive can become the norm without notice. But when your fitness takes a backseat, so does your health. With WildStyle Gym’s body conditioning and weight loss boot camp, you can shift gears into fitness focus. Located near Lake Stevens, we can help you recondition your body and get it back into a good shape that allows you to climb stairs without getting winded or play with your kids without needing a break every few minutes. And that excess weight? As your body strengthens, the fat will fall off, giving you a stronger, more defined physique for all the aesthetic reasons that come with wanting to shed the pounds.

Fitness isn’t only good for your body; it’s also amazing for your mind. When you exercise, your mind and body release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that lift your mood and make you feel accomplished and contented. Endorphins can give you hours of those positive feelings, which can offset anxiety, put depression on the backburner, and banish negative thoughts for a while. Taking care of your body takes care of your mind.

What Does It Mean To Condition Your Body?

Conditioning your body means getting it in tip-top shape where you can accomplish any fitness goals. You feel better, look better, breathe better, and move better. Your metabolism is kicked into high gear, making it easier for you to eat your favorite junky foods without fear of excess fat. Conditioning your body allows you to learn more about what you can and cannot handle and what your fitness goals should be next.

At WildStyle Gym near Lake Stevens, we want to help you crush your fitness goals and find your feet again after being on the couch for so long. Call (360) 322-1533 to learn more about our body conditioning and weight loss boot camp.

WildStyle Gym: The Best MMA Gym Near Edmonds for Fitness-Minded Folks

WildStyle Gym: The Best MMA Gym Near Edmonds for Fitness-Minded FolksWildStyle Gym has enormously influenced fitness-minded folks and is commonly noted as one of the best MMA gyms near Edmonds. We wear those stellar reviews with pride. Our professionals work hard and tirelessly to help clients of all fitness levels accomplish their fitness and health goals. It’s our dream to see you achieve the level of health and wellness you could be happy with and proud of. We strive for next-level encouragement and support at WildStyle Gym, and that’s why and how we stay at the top as one of the bests.

You don’t have to be fitness-minded before you join our gym immediately, but we can guarantee that you’ll be more geared towards crushing fitness goals by the end of your first training session. We hold boot camps, kickboxing, and MMA sessions but never yell in anger, spite, or insult-driven encouragement. Instead, we focus on your strengths, and if we yell, it’s with pride, support, and praise. We think it’s better to be uplifting to encourage your goals than to belittle or shame to do the same.

Where You’ll Be with WildStyle Gym

Whenever someone new comes into WildStyle Gym, we ask them about their goals. We want to know where your fitness motivations lie. What drives you to want to be better? Do better? Improve your health? You must feel as much encouragement from yourself as it is for our trainers to encourage you during MMA and kickboxing sessions.

Everyone has jitters when they come to the gym for the first time. No one knows what to expect, but we want to put your mind at ease. We want you to see the smiling faces of our trainers and staff and know that we have your best interests at heart. Come down to WildStyle Gym, one of the best MMA gyms near Edmonds, to experience fitness for yourself. Call us at (360) 322-1533.

Interested in Fat Loss for Fall? Come to WildStyle Gym for MMA Training and Support!

Interested in Fat Loss for Fall? Come to WildStyle Gym for MMA Training and Support!A lot of people go into hibernation mode in colder weather. They chub up, snuggle down and wait out autumn and winter, which sounds pretty appealing to us. But there are those, maybe you, who commit to a fat loss journey that follows you into the chillier months. And for those people, we at WildStyle Gym near Mukilteo are here to help you with MMA training sessions and support to encourage your fat loss for Fall. Our professional trainers are well-versed in empathy and motivation. We aim to inspire you with good vibes and positive attitudes.

You have friends at WildStyle Gym. We haven’t even met you yet and can tell you that you’ve got friends in all of us. We will be there to support your fitness goals, encourage you to crush your insecurities, and raise you with praise and high fives when you do a fantastic job. We believe in you to make it easier for you to believe in yourself because you deserve to accomplish your fitness and health goals. You’re worth the fabulous physique and good health that you dream about.

Go at Your Own Pace

At WildStyle Gym, our training sessions allow you to find your limits and then work to push forward through them. We won’t push you because we want you to find a comfortable mindset where you can push yourself. Go at your own pace. You should never feel pressured into moving too fast. Set your own goals. We can help you smash them; then celebration fist-bumps are on us!

For information on our MMA training sessions and support for Fall fat loss, give WildStyle Gym near Mukilteo a call at (360) 322-1533. You matter, so make a difference in how you feel mentally and physically with a fitness journey designed to imbue you with positivity and strength.

What is Functional Mobility, and Why is Training Important?

What is Functional Mobility, and Why is Training Important?

By definition, functional mobility is a person’s ability to complete everyday physical tasks independently and in a timely manner. The greater someone’s functional mobility, the more they can do. As you age, your functional mobility wanes, which is why functional mobility training sessions are paramount to long-term health and wellness. At WildStyle Gym in Snohomish County, our professional trainers are well-versed in functional mobility training that coincides with strength and fitness. A stronger body makes for an even stronger mind, and we strive to encourage our clients to accomplish long-term fitness goals, regardless of age and current fitness levels.

Can you touch your toes? Can you stretch your arms over your head? Can you bend your spine in either direction to reach and grab whatever you need from shelves and cabinets? These are small mobility functions that able-bodied people typically take for granted. Unfortunately, not everyone can answer yes to those questions, so simple functions are ones we take measures to address during training sessions.

Let Us Know What Your Fitness and Mobility Goals Are

We have a base for our training sessions, but every client is different in what they want and their fitness goals. We can better cater to your specific needs if you communicate your goals to us from the get-go.

Let us know your current issues with mobility. Do you wake up with your muscles stiff and sore? Does it take a while for your body to warm up enough to perform basic tasks? We can help you achieve a level of functional mobility that improves your life. Stretches and strength training are your best friends throughout our sessions.

To learn more about the importance of functional mobility training sessions, contact WildStyle Gym in Snohomish County. Schedule an appointment for a consultation and one free training session at (360) 322-1533.

How Regular MMA Training Sessions Can Affect Your Well-Being and Mood

ow Regular MMA Training Sessions Can Affect Your Well-Being and MoodFitness of body encourages strength of mind and vice versa. Feeling good about how you look and perceive yourself is paramount to confidence and wholeness as an independent person. When your body feels in tip-top shape, your mind follows, creating a cycle of goodness that shines outwards to others. We at WildStyle Gym near Duvall see it all the time. Someone with a negative outlook begins regular MMA training sessions focusing on fitness and their whole perspective changes. They feel good about themselves. They feel more powerful and stronger than they have in a long time. And that’s the kind of results we strive for.

At WildStyle Gym, you can expect a mixture of friendship and professionalism. One of the best things you can do for yourself is meet and greet our fitness trainers. Their encouragement and can-do attitudes are contagious, so that you may look forward to regular training sessions.

Do MMA Training Sessions Hurt?

The nature of MMA is a mix of both cardio and strength. Therefore, you will be flexing muscles that you haven’t worked on in a long time, perhaps never, and pushing them harder through MMA techniques. There’s a different kind of pain that comes from training your body hard to reach a fitness goal, and that’s the kind of pain you’ll feel from a good MMA training session.

You’ll be sore the next day, but not enough that you can’t do everyday tasks. You may be worn out afterward, but you’ll sleep much better after expending extra energy. Fitness is a give-and-take of time and rewards. Are you experiencing soreness in your muscles? Rest, but don’t quit. You never know what kind of gains you can make with a year of commitment to your fitness and health.

For more information about MMA training sessions at WildStyle Gym near Duvall, call us at (360) 322-1533.

How to Use MMA Fighting and Grappling Techniques to Improve Your Fitness

How to Use MMA Fighting and Grappling Techniques to Improve Your Fitness

As far as anyone knows, mixed martial arts has been around for centuries in some form or another. Some teachings are stauncher in technique, while others are a mix of fighting and grappling techniques that each martial artist can piece together and customize. We at WildStyle Gym near Bothell, for instance, believe that once you know the basics, you can customize your fitness routine with MMA as a foundation. We help you lay the groundwork for a solid workout, and you personalize those workouts to fit your needs.

MMA grappling techniques allow you to strengthen your body and discipline your mind, and WildStyle Gym’s training sessions are also bonding experiences. When you train and grapple with someone, there’s an element of trust that you have to build with that person. Friendship is born from that trust, and it helps that our training sessions are filled with like-minded people with similar fitness goals.

While it’s normal to have similar fitness goals to someone else, it’s also normal to vary. That’s the great thing about WildStyle Gym – we want you to explore the best fitness routines for you. Yes, you will learn with others, but the techniques you compile together will create a routine that’s entirely your own. Lean into what we can teach you, and be attentive to your own pace.

Can You Get Seriously Injured When Grappling at WildStyle Gym?

Grappling is the act of using MMA techniques to bring an opponent down to the mat and subduing them with a hold. It’s an intense fighting style requiring precaution and supervision, especially if you’ve never grappled. You will have bumps and bruises, but we at WildStyle Gym strive to take precautions that prevent serious injuries.

At WildStyle Gym near Bothell, we can train you to defend yourself while also giving you an outlet for fitness with fighting and grappling techniques. You can learn more about our MMA training sessions by calling (360) 322-1533.