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How Does MMA Help Kids Build Confidence in Themselves?

How Does MMA Help Kids Build Confidence in Themselves?Does your kiddo have loads of energy? Are they rambunctious and in full gear at home but shy and reserved when out in public? Boost their confidence with kids and youth MMA kickboxing and grappling at WildStyle Gym! Fitness is an important component in anyone’s life, but it’s even more important for fitness and the idea of good health to be introduced at a young age. In and around Monroe, we at WildStyle Gym encourage kids through training sessions for MMA and freestyle kickboxing techniques. While they build strength and perseverance, they build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

At WildStyle Gym, our training sessions, especially for kiddos, are all about motivation, inspiration, and support. They can do anything they set their minds to, and we instill that with encouraging words, high fives, and fist bumps. We build rapport and bonds with our students, and they build friendships and strong alliances with one another.

Some parents may look at MMA and see violence, but it’s more about discipline and protection. MMA gives kids (and adults) the power to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. What your child learns today may help them later in life. MMA is something that your kid will remember, especially when taught by our supportive professionals at WildStyle Gym.

Will Your Child Get Hurt During an MMA and Kickboxing Training Session?

We understand the parental concern that their kids may get hurt during an MMA and kickboxing training session. However, we take every precautionary measure to ensure that your child returns to you without serious injury. Yes, they may have sore muscles, and kickboxing or grappling could result in a small bruise or two, but that’s par for the course.

Still unsure? Call WildStyle Gym at (360) 322-1533 to learn more about kids MMA kickboxing in Monroe. We offer one free training session to help you make a better-informed decision!

Better Your Competitive Kickboxing and MMA Skills!

Better Your Competitive Kickboxing and MMA Skills!Known for our strength and support in avenues of fun and fitness, WildStyle Gym specializes in helping you train your competitive kickboxing and MMA skills to better your abilities in and out of matches. Located near Duvall, our training sessions are designed to customize each workout to your specifications, then build onto a fitness foundation to strengthen your muscles and ramp up your capabilities.

Competitive kickboxing and MMA aren’t focused on anger. You don’t trudge into a match with the intent to hold a grudge or take a hit personally. That’s not how we do things. Yes, we want you to unleash your abilities and competitive nature, but it’s good-natured. Make friends with your opponents because they are on the same journey that you are to better their fitness levels and improve upon their kickboxing and MMA training and strategies.

To gain a competitive edge in WildStyle Gym, you must be willing to learn and grow as an athlete and fitness enthusiast. Put all of the preconceived notions out of your head of what you think an athlete is because you can become a fitness-minded, competitive athlete in kickboxing and MMA regardless of your body type, shape, or fitness levels. You have to be willing to work for the results.

Train with the Best in Duvall at WildStyle Gym!

Unsure about WildStyle Gym and our wide range of services? You can try a training session before you commit to a schedule. We want you to feel comfy in your decision to get fit with us!

WildStyle Gym hires experienced, certified trainers to help you better your competitive kickboxing and MMA skills. You can count on us to be there to encourage, support, and teach you! For more information, please call us at (360) 322-1533 to schedule a training session that jives well with your unique schedule.

Find Fun Yoga Training Sessions Near Everett to Enhance Your Flow and Functional Mobility!

Find Fun Yoga Training Sessions Near Everett to Enhance Your Flow and Functional Mobility!

You’ve heard of the benefits of yoga! For a while in the early 2000s, yoga gained hype as being a great exercise for building strength, improving flexibility, and toning muscles. It creates a sleek and streamlined musculature system, allowing you to pack in power while losing fat and building a more toned physique. But did you know that yoga training sessions at WildStyle Gym improve the flow and perseverance of your mind as well as your body? Catering to fitness beginners and fanatics alike, our gym near Everett is well-known for our balance of encouragement and determination in each training session. You get the perfect combo of support and push!

What Does It Mean to Enhance Your Natural Flow?

All beings have a natural flow to their minds and bodies. When fusion occurs, those flows align, allowing us to feel at peace with the natural balance and strength between physical and psychological. Hence why we at WildStyle Gym place emphasis on control of breath and slow, fluid motions from one pose to another. Our training sessions are designed to nourish the connection between brain and body.

In yoga, you are your own best friend. “Getting in touch with yourself” sounds cliché, but it’s the best way to describe a session of fusion and flow yoga. You breathe through discomforts and allow your mind to flow with the movement and rhythm of your muscles as you transition from one pose to the next. Pose, hold, breathe, and repeat.

WildStyle Gym Offers a Free Training Session for Newbies!

We at WildStyle Gym understand that committing to training sessions of any fitness kind is a big decision. We don’t want you to commit to yoga training sessions near Everett at WildStyle Gym unless you know you’ll love it. So, we offer one freebie. You can come and work out with us, then decide based on your experience. To schedule your free session, call us at (360) 322-1533.

How WildStyle Gym is Changing the Way You View Fitness and Health

How WildStyle Gym is Changing the Way You View Fitness and Health

When most people think of fitness and health, they think of diets, medicines, and routine doctor visits. This could be part of a healthy regime, but it’s not everything about fitness and health. We at WildStyle Gym focus on fun, inspiration, and encouragement when it comes to accomplishing your fitness goals and improving your health. We offer a wide range of training sessions, like MMA boot camps and No-Gi Grappling near Mill Creek – all designed to alter your ideas of fitness and health for the better.

Getting in shape isn’t linear. Not all exercises will work for everyone, and there’s no one way of fitness that everyone will enjoy as much as the next. That said, our aim at WildStyle Gym is to introduce you to a method of fitness that you love. We want you to find a way to work out that helps you reach and exceed your fitness goals and gets you excited to exercise more and be more active.

We at WildStyle Gym employ the best fitness trainers we can find in and around the Mill Creek area. Our trainers are well-versed in fitness and empathy, so no one will yell at you, insult you, or discourage you during our training sessions. We instead seek to inspire you through encouragement. We make it our mission to be uplifting in ways that motivate you and foster your fitness goals. We want you to succeed!

Unsure About WildStyle Gym?

It’s okay to be unsure about choosing WildStyle Gym as your go-to for fitness and health. Allow us to show you the kind of fun you can have.

Sign up for a free training session in something like MMA or No-Gi Grappling near Mill Creek. Call us at (360) 322-1533. If you love it, that’s awesome, and we look forward to seeing you back. If it’s not for you, then at least you tried, and we wish you the best of luck.

Meditate and Focus with MMA Training Sessions at WildStyle Gym This Summer

Meditate and Focus with MMA Training Sessions at WildStyle Gym This Summer

When most people think of meditation, they conjure mental images of zen buddhas and patchouli incense while someone hums “ohm.” While that’s certainly one method of meditation, WildStyle Gym, an MMA striking training gym near Edmonds, offers meditation and focus through training sessions for mixed martial arts. We believe that feelings of accomplishment can be meditative devices in and of themselves, resulting in mental clarity, physical strength, and discipline.

For our WildStyle Gym trainers, fitness is as much about focus and fun as it is about exercise and heart health. Sure, we want to help you achieve your physical fitness goals, but we also think that the health of the mind is as important as the health of the body. This is why our method of training is encouragement. We want you to feel empowered through MMA and your abilities.

You may decide that MMA isn’t for you, and that’s completely fine. We at WildStyle Gym offer a wide range of training sessions, and you can always book a free training session in MMA to see if it’s the right fitness routine for your future. Suppose you don’t like it, no hard feelings. You can try something else until you hit on a fitness regime that works best for your mind and body.

Our Training Sessions are for People of All Fitness Ranges and Ages

At WildStyle Gym, we believe that fitness doesn’t have an age range or limitations. Anyone can be fit and get into better shape while also positively impacting their physical and mental health. We offer a wide range of training sessions in kickboxing and MMA for varied age groups and fitness areas. Go at your own pace, discover what works best for you, and strive to reach your personal fitness goals with our help.

Call our MMA striking training gym near Edmonds at (360) 322-1533.

Visit Our Competitive Kickboxing & MMA Training Gym Near Bothell

Visit Our Competitive Kickboxing & MMA Training Gym Near Bothell

If you’ve been searching for a competitive kickboxing & MMA training gym near Bothell, WildStyle Gym can help. We offer training sessions for members of all ages and skill levels. So whether you’re just getting started with your competitive kickboxing & MMA journey, or you’ve been working on your skills for some time, we can help you reach the next level of your growth.

Keep reading to learn more about what we can do for our clients near Bothell:

Training Built Around Your Goals

We recognize that everyone who participates in kickboxing & MMA does so for their own reasons. You might have the goal of winning a competitive match one day. Or maybe you’re just interested in a fun way to lose weight and build muscle.

Whether you dream of becoming the next MMA champion or want to get fit, our trainers can help you with sessions customized around your goals. That way, you always get the specific type of training you need to take the next step towards them.

Our team of professional trainers is well-equipped to help you go from wherever you are now to your ultimate kickboxing or MMA goals. You can trust their experience to help you find your inner fighter.

Wildstyle Gym Can Help You Reach Your Goals in Competition and Fitness

Kickboxing & MMA are unique sports that could be the key to unlocking your fitness goals. They’re challenging, but mastering them all the more rewarding. Participating in either sport could be exactly what you need to discover your inner champion.

So why wait? There’s no time like the present to get started at our competitive kickboxing & MMA training gym near Bothell. Reach out to us today at (360) 322-1533 to learn more.

Fitness and Strength: Come Down to WildStyle Gym for Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions!

Fitness and Strength: Come Down to WildStyle Gym for Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions!

WildStyle Gym believes in fitness and fun, and we believe in a combo of those two components. Fitness should be fun! Keeping in shape and getting healthier comes with its rewards, but there’s an accomplishment in knowing that you can exercise, work up a sweat, and reap benefits by doing something you love. That’s why we opened a freestyle kickboxing training gym near Lake Stevens, perfect for checking the boxes of fitness and fun that are specific to your ideas of an awesome workout.

Freestyle training sessions enable you to combine kickboxing moves to develop your style. We teach you a foundation of basic moves, then guide you through how to incorporate those moves into one smooth flow of motion to strengthen your muscles. Over time, your muscles will remember your style, resulting in the flawless execution of freestyle kickboxing maneuvers.

For social butterflies, we offer training sessions that are small and inclusive, where you can meet, befriend, and spar with others with similar and varying fitness goals. We encourage you to get friendly, share your personal experiences, and find support in a kickboxing group.

Aside from Fitness, what are the Benefits of Freestyle Kickboxing Training Sessions?

At WildStyle Gym, our trainers are experienced in a wide range of MMA and kickboxing styles. All of which you can learn through scheduled sessions. If you have a specific interest, you can ask our trainers about how to execute different moves, then perfect those maneuvers to add them to your style repertoire.

Other benefits include improved concentration, better focus, and bolstered confidence in yourself and your abilities. WildStyle Gym is a leading freestyle kickboxing training gym near Lake Stevens. We invite you to learn more about our sessions by calling (360) 322-1533. You can also sign up for a free trial training session to get a feel for how we do things at WildStyle Gym!

Get Your Body Back to Beach Ready with Boot Camp Weight Loss Training Sessions

Get Your Body Back to Beach Ready with Boot Camp Weight Loss Training Sessions

At WildStyle Gym, we believe in body positivity and acceptance, but we also believe in fitness, being as strong as you can be, and being healthy for your own sake and your loved ones. Your beach body could be different than someone else’s, and that’s okay. Either way, we can help you prepare for all of the adventures that life throws your way. How? With conditioning and boot camp weight loss training near Lynnwood.

Our weight loss training sessions are a mixture of cardio and strength, building muscle while you melt fat. Working your muscles will ramp up your metabolism throughout the day, making it possible to burn more calories and lose more weight as the weeks wear on. It’s a simple formula of calories in and calories out, and we can help you master your body’s metabolic output to better your chances of reaching your fitness goals.

When you think of boot camp, you may think of military versions, where yelling and insults are normal. At WildStyle Gym, we’ve discovered that you can motivate and inspire more people through good vibes, encouragement, and inspiration. The training sessions are intense but paced, and we never put you down. Our trainers are all about being supportive, and we genuinely want you to succeed in accomplishing your fitness hopes.

High Hopes for Strength, Fitness, and Weight Loss!

Everyone has their ideal fitness levels. At WildStyle Gym, we encourage you to delve into your goals. We can help you make a plan of action and attack, giving you the tools required to wage war on stubborn body fat.

To learn a little more about WildStyle Gym and our services, like conditioning and boot camp weight loss training near Lynnwood, call us at (360) 322-1533. We look forward to helping you succeed!

How Martial Arts Sessions Can Teach Your Children About Strength, Focus, and Confidence

How Martial Arts Sessions Can Teach Your Children About Strength, Focus, and Confidence

Kids have mountains of struggles and challenges growing up these days. It’s easy for children to feel overwhelmed by bullies, loads of homework, and modern technology and social media pressures. We at Wild Style Gym understand what kids go through, and we aim to help strengthen their resolve and give them focus and clarity through kids and youth martial arts kickboxing and grappling near Kirkland.

Children are resilient, but they need guidance and advice to navigate and cope with the challenges of growing up. They also need confidence. Lots and lots of confidence, which is what martial arts sessions can offer. As kids learn to control their movements and engage their senses, their confidence will grow. Confident kids are more capable of coping with negative situations and stressful scenarios, so it’s something that parents and guardians should encourage.

At Wild Style Gym, our martial arts and kickboxing training methods are encouraging and supportive. We don’t yell or scream at kids in negative ways. Instead, we use positive reinforcement to show youth that they can master martial arts techniques with determination and perseverance.

Is Martial Arts Safe for Kids to Learn and Practice?

Wild Style Gym is a safe, secure environment. We employ well-trained, skilled professionals with combined decades of fitness and martial arts expertise. Your kids are in good hands, and their safety is of the utmost importance. Kids will learn how to learn and practice martial arts safely and never use their learned techniques for negative behaviors.

Schedule a Martial Arts Kickboxing and Grappling Training Session to Engage Your Youngster!

You can learn more about Wild Style Gym and kids and youth martial arts kickboxing and grappling near Kirkland by calling (360) 322-1533. Ask about a free training session to see how your kiddo likes it!

Wild Style Gym Aims to Improve Your Strength Through MMA Training Sessions

Wild Style Gym Aims to Improve Your Strength Through MMA Training Sessions

Staying in shape is important at any age, so Wild Style Gym, an MMA striking training gym near Mountlake Terrace, offers strength and fitness sessions for all ages. Kids can learn all about health and fitness from a young age, while adults can get back into the gym and discover a new, fun way to stay in tiptop physical shape.

We at Wild Style Gym encourage you to dig deep and let your emotions flow through strategic punches, kicks, and grapples for MMA striking and training sessions. We teach you how to focus your feelings, then use them to strengthen your muscles, calm your nerves, and quiet your mind. We aim to help you sync your mind and body.

MMA can be a freeing means of fitness. At Wild Style Gym, our fitness-focused professionals are experts in how to engage your muscles and get the most out of your workouts. But they are also well-versed in how to power each strike with whatever is bothering you in your everyday life. You can relieve stress and overall negativity through MMA striking and training sessions.

You Power Your Training Sessions!

At Wild Style Gym, we can teach you how to propel your body and clear your mind, but you have to conjure the ambition and motivation to get stronger and healthier. We give you the tools, and you power your training sessions. You can practice and learn at your own pace. We will never negatively push you towards something you aren’t ready to do.

Our Wild Style Gym trainers are encouraging and supportive. We want you to set your own goals; we can all celebrate your accomplishments together. For more information about our MMA striking training gym near Mountlake Terrace, give Wild Style Gym a call at (360) 322-1533.