It Might Be Time To Schedule Your Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions

It Might Be Time To Schedule Your Freestyle Kickboxing Sessions

If you have heard about freestyle kickboxing training sessions at WildStyle Gym near Marysville, it might be time to consider getting on the schedule. We encourage you to explore that curiosity with a freebie training session! Come down and see what we are all about. Get involved in one of our sessions, throw a few punches, feel empowered, and see if WildStyle Gym is right for you.

At WildStyle Gym, we have a schedule of competitive and freestyle, MMA, and kickboxing training sessions. A well-trained professional and guide will teach you how to fight and defend yourself in a comfortable, safe environment. Kickboxing is an excellent exercise, primarily if you aim to strengthen and condition your body and muscles while disciplining your mind and learning something new and valuable. We give you every ounce of helpful information to make you a great fighter, whether you seek to do it professionally or just for fun.

There are Big Health Benefits to Kickboxing!

Considered one of the most popular forms of martial arts, kickboxing is a cardio and strength exercise that targets all areas of your body, both inside and outside. Some of the most significant health benefits of freestyle kickboxing include the following:

  • Release of pent-up energy and an outlet for stress and anxiety.
  • Increased strength and improvement in body composition from head to toe.
  • Improved confidence in physical abilities.
  • Better flexibility with improved cardiovascular function and stabilized blood pressure.
  • Increased mental performance through concentration and focus.

Kickboxing is one of those exercises that is safe and fun for all ages and fitness levels. Little to no equipment is involved, and you can participate in sparring or grappling sessions to better your fighting techniques against real opponents.

Learn more about freestyle or competitive kickboxing training sessions at WildStyle Gym near Marysville by calling us at (360) 322-1533.

Shed Pounds Learning MMA Fighting This Summer At WildStyle Gym

Shed Pounds Learning MMA Fighting This Summer At WildStyle Gym

Although summertime may be in full swing, it is never too late to get moving and do your best for your overall health and well-being. You can start moving your body, learn MMA, and shed those pounds with conditioning and bootcamp weight loss training near Mill Creek.

When someone hears the word bootcamp, they think of drill sergeants in their faces, screaming and hurling insults. That’s not what we are all about at WildStyle Gym!

Instead of motivating you through shame, we motivate you through support, encouragement, and confidence. We want you to know that you can accomplish new levels by having fun and pushing your body and mind to new limits. Our trainers encourage you through words of affirmation and solid structure, offering you the tools you need to bolster your success. There are no drill sergeants here – only friends and trainers that genuinely want to see you exceed your expectations.

Have Time for a Complimentary Trial Class?

We offer a complimentary trial class if you’re unsure whether to join WildStyle Gym. You can pick the kind of class you want to attend, meet the trainers, then learn about the benefits of our programs with the possibility of a full-time membership.

We offer several classes on a month-to-month schedule, so you can accommodate your schedule and build a comprehensive routine that suits your needs. Aside from kickboxing and MMA conditioning classes, we offer nutritional assistance to help you further your weight loss and wellness goals while building a better relationship with food.

Call the Gym to Schedule Your Complimentary Class!

At WildStyle Gym, shedding pounds with conditioning and bootcamp weight loss training near Mill Creek could be just the beginning. To learn more and enroll in a complimentary class, call us at (360) 322-1533.

Your MMA Strike Training Gym Near Mountlake Terrace

Your MMA Strike Training Gym Near Mountlake Terrace

Are you looking to take your striking skills to the next level? Look no further than WildStyle Gym. Our MMA striking training gym near Mountlake Terrace has everything you need to succeed. Experienced and dedicated instructors will work with you to develop your technique and help you reach your full potential.

WildStyle Gym offers a variety of sessions combining fundamental techniques and disciplines, including karate, boxing, and Muay Thai. Beginners are welcome at WildStyle Gym. Our highly skilled and experienced trainers have designed sessions for all levels and skill sets. We are here for you to learn, grow, and meet your MMA training goals.

All ages are invited to the WildStyle Gym. We offer programs for kids aged 4 to 12 and sessions and striking training programs for adults of any age. Our gym is fully equipped with top-of-the-line training equipment, including heavy bags, speed bags, and training pads. We have everything you need that will allow you to work on your overall fitness and conditioning.

MMA striking training is more than just a way to get in shape. It offers a unique combination of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that can improve overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or develop discipline and focus, MMA striking training is a great choice.

WildStyle Gym wants to be your MMA striking training gym near Mountlake Terrace. Learn discipline to train consistently and gain focus. These can be applied to work and personal goals, as well. Call us for information at 360-322-1533.

Visit Our Competitive Kickboxing & MMA Training Gym Near Bothell

Visit Our Competitive Kickboxing & MMA Training Gym Near Bothell

If you’ve been searching for a competitive kickboxing & MMA training gym near Bothell, WildStyle Gym can help. We offer training sessions for members of all ages and skill levels. So whether you’re just getting started with your competitive kickboxing & MMA journey, or you’ve been working on your skills for some time, we can help you reach the next level of your growth.

Keep reading to learn more about what we can do for our clients near Bothell:

Training Built Around Your Goals

We recognize that everyone who participates in kickboxing & MMA does so for their own reasons. You might have the goal of winning a competitive match one day. Or maybe you’re just interested in a fun way to lose weight and build muscle.

Whether you dream of becoming the next MMA champion or want to get fit, our trainers can help you with sessions customized around your goals. That way, you always get the specific type of training you need to take the next step towards them.

Our team of professional trainers is well-equipped to help you go from wherever you are now to your ultimate kickboxing or MMA goals. You can trust their experience to help you find your inner fighter.

Wildstyle Gym Can Help You Reach Your Goals in Competition and Fitness

Kickboxing & MMA are unique sports that could be the key to unlocking your fitness goals. They’re challenging, but mastering them all the more rewarding. Participating in either sport could be exactly what you need to discover your inner champion.

So why wait? There’s no time like the present to get started at our competitive kickboxing & MMA training gym near Bothell. Reach out to us today at (360) 322-1533 to learn more.

Schedule Classes at Wild Style Gym for Competitive Training in Kickboxing and MMA!

Schedule Classes at Wild Style Gym for Competitive Training in Kickboxing and MMA!

It’s never too late to be strong and innovative. Everyone has a streak of competitive spirit, but they don’t often know how to utilize it. Wild Style Gym is a competitive kickboxing and MMA training gym near Edmonds. Our professional trainers are well-versed in fitness, and we can help you strengthen your body and mind while building confidence in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

Wild Style Gym isn’t typical. We believe in our participants forming bonds with others while learning more about themselves. Our training sessions cater to all fitness levels, and we assess your progress over a period of classes. As long as you are willing to put in the work, we are too!

Competition can be healthy and productive. You don’t have to have rage or be based in vengeance to want to win a tournament. At Wild Style Gym, we offer hour-long training sessions, but you have the option of ten-minute cooldowns for each session.

What We Teach

Wild Style Gym offers a combination of MMA techniques, such as some kickboxing and karate. We teach you how to combine techniques to develop your own style, which plays into your strengths as a competitive fighter.

What are your goals? Do you have an aim for your fitness? We can help! Don’t be afraid to tell us all of what you’d like to accomplish regarding your fitness and competitiveness readiness. You will tone and strengthen your body while honing your confidence, building bonds with others, and fortifying your resolve.

Schedule a Free Class to Decide if Wild Style Gym is the Right Fit for You!

At Wild Style Gym, we want you to feel comfortable and safe. You can schedule a free training class where you can experience our techniques for yourself.

We understand that finding a competitive kickboxing and MMA training gym near Edmonds is all about your comfort and your goals. Contact us at (360) 322-1533.

Wild Style Gym Inspires Kids and Preteens Through Fitness and Fun!

Wild Style Gym Inspires Kids and Preteens Through Fitness and Fun!

If you have an energetic kid, you know how difficult it can be to find something that allows them to expend the energy completely. How about signing up your kiddo for kids and youth martial arts, kickboxing, and grappling in Lynnwood? Most kids need a challenge, and we at Wild Style Gym provide a welcoming atmosphere of fun and fitness.

In a world filled with video games and sugary snacks, it’s important to instill a love for fitness from a young age. Kickboxing and martial arts are fun, challenging ways for your kids and preteens to expend energy, learn something new, and build confidence. Bonus? They may make lifelong friends!

Wild Style Gym Helps Kids Build Confidence and Trust in Themselves and Others!

At Wild Style Gym, our professional trainers are emotionally and psychologically well-equipped to inspire, engage, and motivate kids and preteens. Through encouragement and continued support, Little Ninjas, Wild Things, and Young Warriors are given the tools needed to strengthen their bodies and minds while learning about confidence, trust, teamwork, and self-reliance.

Our kickboxing and MMA programs are separated into three unique groups, each with an age range to encourage bonding and friendship. The Wild Things are ages 3 to 5, the Little Ninjas are ages 6 to 8, and the Young Warriors are ages 9 to 12.

Kids and preteens are taught to use power, control, and strength. Children will learn about discipline and how to utilize grappling and kickboxing to stay fit, be active, and improve their minds and bodies.

Safety First at Wild Style Gym!

At Wild Style Gym, we work to ensure the safety of your kids and preteens. Our professional trainers are reliable, dependable, and attentive so that you can trust us with your kiddos.

For more information about kids and youth martial arts, kickboxing, and grappling in Lynnwood, contact Wild Style Gym at (360) 322-1533.