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A Competitive Kickboxing and MMA Training Gym for Mastering Fundamental Skills

A Competitive Kickboxing and MMA Training Gym for Mastering Fundamental Skills

A Competitive Kickboxing and MMA Training Gym for Mastering Fundamental Skills

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is infused with various techniques from a diverse array of disciplines. WildStyle Gym is a competitive kickboxing MMA training gym near Bothell that encourages youth and adults alike to take up martial arts disciplines, and to enjoy the various benefits that come with them.

Fundamental Principles found in MMA

Understanding the basics of MMA is the first step toward mastering this exciting sport.

  1. Striking techniques. Striking forms one of the cornerstones of MMA. It includes punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, derived from boxing, Muay Thai, and other striking arts primarily performed while standing. Beginners learn proper stances, efficient movement, and how to deliver powerful, well-timed strikes while maintaining balance and defense.
  2. The utility of grappling. Grappling is the other major offensive component of MMA and involves taking your opponent to the ground to gain control of the fight. Grappling in MMA uses techniques derived from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and judo. Fundamental techniques include takedowns, holds, and submissions. Grappling is also an effective means of defensive fighting and adds layers of strategy to the sport.
  3. Defensive maneuvers and transitions. Effective defense and fluid movement are essential to MMA. These movements include blocking, dodging, countering strikes, and moving strategically within the fighting area. Other moves, like throws, help transition between standing and ground-level fighting. Facilitating or blocking these transitional states adds additional depth to MMA.

These MMA fundamentals help practitioners anticipate opponents’ moves and respond swiftly and accurately. They also foster an understanding of the natural flow of fights, from striking to transitional throws to ground-level grappling.

Embarking on your MMA journey begins with understanding and mastering these fundamental principles. Our competitive kickboxing and MMA training gym near Bothell offers specialized sessions for youth and adults designed to introduce and refine these techniques, ensuring a safe, supportive, and empowering learning environment. Call WildStyle Gym at (360) 322-1533 to discover more about our offerings.